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Enjoy Total Water Purity with a DuPage Water Conditioner

TTF-IMG_0398-Color correctedImagine the satisfaction and gratification of turning on your tap every day knowing you are providing your family with soft, pure, safe, and crystal-clear water. With the installation of a water filtration system in your home, it will instantly have water that tastes and feels better.

Additionally, with your conditioned water, you’ll be giving nature a break by saying goodbye to phosphate detergents and returning only unpolluted water to our rivers and streams. All of these benefits are yours through a water filtration system. The following is list of solutions we use to tailor a customized filtration plan specifically for your home:

TTF Models

Engineered to the highest design and materials standards, the TTF heavy-duty model is truly a once-in-a-lifetime investment. It’s available in seven sizes to efficiently condition water for any size residence or modest commercial applications. This model is backed by the most inclusive, limited lifetime warranty offered by anyone in the industry.

Take a look at its specs:

Tank: DuPage’s conditioner tank is a true composite, thermo-wound pressure vessel featuring an inner shell of smooth, non-permeable A.B.S. thermoplastic, overwound with miles of fiberglass filament for top performance. This tank is FDA approved.

Valve Features

  • All brass composition
  • Piston operated
  • Separate heavy-duty, piston-drive motor
  • All moving parts are Teflon coated
  • Water-miser regeneration system
  • Motorized brine system
  • Safety brine-valve backup system

dupage-water-filterAppearance: A high luster A.B.S. jacket over ½-inch fiberglass insulation gives maximum styling, while eliminating messy condensation. Tank separation where space is limited adds to the versatility of this conditioner combination.

Salt Tank: All salt tanks are one piece and feature rigid, tough, high-impact, non-toxic polyethylene. They will not dent, crack, rust, corrode or leak. The tank is FDA approved.

Mineral: Our systems use a premium-quality polystyrene-sulfonate, cation-exchange resin, possessing high cation-exchange capacities, combined with excellent stability and operating characteristics. This system is FDA approved.

Space Requirements: All standard salt tanks are 14″ square and 34″ high. Depending on the size needed, the conditioner tank ranges from 7″ x 36″ to 10″ x 54″. On all units, add 6″ for the height controller.

Special Features: If installation is a problem, DuPage offers a space-saver model as a solution. Have a problem with hookup? Our factory-trained experts will solve it—all you have to do is call!

Hot Water Treatment and Commercial Applications

If you’re seeking an all-encompassing solution to providing your commercial facility with clean, safe, soft and enjoyable water, there’s no better resource than one of our water filtration systems. Our systems are designed to function in high capacity settings and with the innovative functional ability to also process hot water as well. We are here to provide the standalone option for hotels, restaurants, retail facilities, offices and any other commercial buildings.

For more information about how we can assist you with a water filtration solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 630-293-7500 and a knowledgeable consultant will gladly speak with you.